If you’ve ever used the term “a shrinking violet”, this is where it mainly gets its name. Place it near a window to bless your home, or give it away to a friend. A Bounty of Spring Recipes: A Gathering Diary Preview! We also provide accounting of all your Bought and Sold transactions, communications and feedback, making it easy for both Buyer and Seller to keep track of all sales and conditions. They need a bit more warmth than many plants, 70-80F/21-27C, to germinate in … Nothing adds a delicate touch to the ritual like fresh, local foliage. However, most wild violets pop up in yards and sidewalks. Adventures in Old-fashioned Homesteading and New Age Living. The Practical Witch’s Spell Deck. Violet Simple Syrup: 1 1/2 C loosely packed fresh violet blossoms. See more ideas about Book of shadows, Spells witchcraft, Wiccan spells. Create seasonal smudge wands. Wild Violets(also known as pansies) were one of the floral perfumes used in the plague doctors masks during the black plague. Mood Swings - Collecting issues #13-18. Regular price $21.00 Sale price $15.00 Sale. White – Eighth chakra, just above the head. Here). Aster. Wear a violet leaf for protection from all things. Violets are a plant of protection, keeping malevolent and evil spirits at bay. Wild violets can be removed by hand, especially if you regularly inspect your lawn to control the plant before it spreads. Wear the leaves in a green sachet to help heal wounds and prevent evil spirits from making the wounds worse. Viola is a genus of flowering plants in the violet family Violaceae.It is the largest genus in the family, containing between 525 and 600 species. Gently heat a pillar candle in the oven until it’s just beginning to melt on the outside, then roll it on dried flowers. Magic uses positive energy and vibrations to encourage the body to heal itself or lend help mending the energy of the ailing person. Wild Violet. Mark the circle. That way, when you go to cast, your key ingredient remains conveniently nestled in the pages with it. Fresh, wet + delightfully green. See more ideas about Witchcraft, Book of shadows, Wiccan spells. We are fun and easy Online Daylily Marketplace. Drink to calm the nerves and bring spiritual awareness. Greek has several stories where wild violets bloom after something happens. We offer a large and varied, new and old, selection of daylilies, as auctions and fixed-price store items. Check out The Practical Herbalist’s post on violets, she mentions some pretty cool stuff on violets and their connection to the Fae. Balm of Gilead. Place the freshly cut violets in the vase and say a chant, focusing on the well-being of the person and the healing of their ailment. 10 Ways to Use Wildflowers in Witchcraft. Includes new pin-up artwork and a letter to the editor by Katiejane Garside. Sprinkle the fine seed on moist planting medium and gently press in. Depending on what area of the world you live in, you should be seeing these small purple flowers poke their heads out. Violets(and Primroses) are also associated with death, especially the death of the young. Pluck flower heads and place them in an ice cube tray. The starseed oracle. Put violets under your pillow to enhance your prophetic dreams and divination skills. Located on Buccan Road, Buccan- we are still local and have set up a special space for our Wild Violet Customers. When combined with lavender, it is said to be a very strong love combination. One of my favorite spring flowers is wild violets. All these types of violet plants should thrive in dappled light, well-draining soil and average moisture. Wild Violet Flowers. From Greek and Roman, all the way to Christianity, violets have symbolized the most feminine of magics. I enjoy violet leaves and flowers in salad, pesto, and in sandwiches and wraps. Plant them in your garden. 3/4 C white sugar Wild violets are one of the most used flowers in love spells. Commonly connected to amethyst, violets are synced to the third eye and divination. Press them in your Book of Shadows. Another good use for violets is Violet Jam. Bay Add them to cupcakes for the Cakes & Ale portion of a ritual. And if you don’t know your alchemic way around queen anne’s lace or black-eyed susans, you can always I’ll be happy to make one for you . It's where your interests connect you with your people. Which when you realize that they made wine from violets, is kind of a funny irony. Wild violets are one of the most used flowers in love spells. Wild violets (Viola odorata) have heart-shaped leaves with purple-blue flowers. Wear in an amulet for protection. Sacred to serpent goddesses. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It has violet colored flowers although sometimes it can produce blue, white or yellow ones. (Violets are referred to as heart’s ease for this very reason) It is said if you put the leaves of the violet in your right shoe and wear it for 7 days, you will bring new love to you. In Christianity, violets are commonly symbolic of humility, modesty and shyness. Feel free to add this info to your journal. Fill the tray with water and freeze for some “summer energy” during the darker, colder winter rituals or to use when the flowers aren’t in season. Your email address will not be published. Typically you find them in partial shade areas. I don’t know if it’s the heart shaped petals or the purple color combined with their light floral scent. Violets are also used for dreaming of your true love, wish magic and beauty enhancement spells. Have you ever noticed there’s just something about violets (aka wild violets or sweet violets) that stirs the feeling of gentle magic? This makes an  especially lovely bonding experience for coven rituals. Now I personally do not play around with love spells, whether for myself or for other people. Or will you leave them to grow wild and spread their own magic? Found in both cities and the country, violets have been considered a weed by many people when they are really so much more. Violet Jam 1 1/2 c Wild violet blossoms* 2 1/3 c Sugar 1 1/2 c Water 1 3/4 oz powdered pectin 1 md Lime , juice of Instructions Rinse violet blossoms well and place in a blender. When Cupid hesitated, she lashed out in anger and turned them into violets, beating them until they turned blue. First thing you need to know, is what the flower looks like! Violet’s Edible Uses. And you can make them any time of year. If you’re new to violets, please only harvest them when the flowers are present (this helps immensely with i.d. Parts of plant used: Leaves and flowers The flavor is polleny and complex, a bit like a mild and earthy vanilla. This is best done when the moon is full, but you can do it whenever you feel it necessary. Poke a small hole in the top right side of the heart and thread the white string through it, tie it, and attach it to the vase. Used in divination, healing magick, lunar magick, and dream magick.Also Called: Dogtooth Violet: African Violet: Spirituality, protection, and healing. Fill the tray with water and freeze for some “summer energy” during the darker, colder winter rituals or to use when the flowers aren’t in season. Pluck flower heads and place them in an ice cube tray. Some other magical things you can do with violets include: So there are some ideas of how you can use wild violets for magic. Give the little vase of violets to the target person and await their recovery. Custom Mojo The very best way to develop your wortcunning (knowledge of plants) is to create a witch's garden where you can grow your own magick herbs. Now!!! You can use them as charms to ward off evil. Violets have been known throughout history as a healing herb. How to Grow Wild Violet Petunias Start inside 10-12 weeks before the beginning of warm weather in your area. Earthy wood notes and greens are muddled with sweet spring florals for a touch of sweetness. To ease heartbreak, Catherine Yronwode’s book Hoodoo Herbs and Root Magic suggests bathing in an infusion of violets for 9 days. Basil. Putting Violets under your pillow to enhance your dreams. The story states Persephone was picking bunches of violets when Hades first saw her. Cover the jar with a lid. When it comes to gathering wild plants, I recommend being 150% sure of your identification before harvesting or nibbling. Today I’ll be going over all the magical properties and uses for violets. I am always in a loving and glowing mood after picking them. These compounds work in several ways to cure ailments. Looks gorgeous on the altar. Large Protection Mojo Charm - Home, Office or Vehicle. P.S. Most will self-seed and double the dainty flower display the next year. Hopefully, it goes without saying that you need to check to make sure the flowers are actually edible, and especially to make sure they aren’t poisonous. Its a safety measure to prevent magical backlash. Violets are also associated with second sight, visions and the subconscious mind so placing them beneath your pillow also encourages prophetic and lucid dreaming. When burnt, it enhances love and harmony in your own heart. It is said if you dream of violets, your life will be changing soon. Some varieties also have white or yellow blooms. Some Viola species are perennial plants, some are annual plants, and a few are small shrubs. For inspiration, check out this example of fairy cakes made with candied violets. Yule Ginger & Orange Zest Vanilla Spice Cakes, Winter Witchcraft: 3 Cold Weather Spell Ideas. (Check out my previous posts if you haven’t already. Purple Plum Blossom & Wild Violets: White Chocolate Truffles! helps all kinds of magic but is most effective as a Potpourri in a magic satchel. I will however show you a healing spell I found that you can add to your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. Cut a heart out of the purple paper and write the name of the person on one side, and a short but heartfelt “Get Well” message on the other side. The violet is an annual or short-lived perennial European wild flower. Your email address will not be published. 2.1K likes. If you know your local flowers and their associations, making smudge wands puts put that knowledge to use in visually pleasing way. Both the leaves and flowers (which bloom in late winter and early spring) are also edible and rich in vitamins. Violet leaves also possess diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant and even slight laxative qualities. 25.00. Wild violets ( Viola papilionacea, Viola sororia, Viola pubescens, and other species) are a close relative of violas, pansies, and other garden flowers. . Learn how your comment data is processed. Weaving flower crowns from local wildflowers you gathered by hand the morning of the event lends power and meaning to any ritual. Many times a bouquet of violets was left at a graveside or buried with a loved one. Tune in on Tuesday for all of the medical and culinary uses of the violet to complete your herbal apothecary info! Some varieties also … Now I've not tried this but I definitely plan on doing so. So if you want to be involved with that, it’s totally cool it’s part of your path. TOP: Green Stems and Cassis MIDDLE: … Fill a mason jar halfway with the violet flowers, about 1/2 a cup. Make flower crowns for summer rituals. While many wildflowers tend to be invasive in the regions where they grow, that also makes them almost impossible to kill if your thumb isn’t so green. 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