A piece of 3/8"x4"x4" steel tube was found for the vertical post. The plans are emailed as PDF and copy mailed if desired. Holes are drilled and tapped in the anvil for the post brace, the bottom die and mounting angles to the base. Dec 31, 2019 - Tire hammer plans? The rear disk rotor has a V-belt grove cut in the outside edge to make it a pulley and is driven by a V-belt directly from the 1140 RMP motor. So, I will take a little different approach to the design of my Power Hammer. - Initial Design Criteria of the mechanical Power Hammer. Linkage springs compress at 270 pounds per inch with 4" maximum. The power hammer is a tool of immeasurable value to the blacksmith. It provides both a labor savings as well as increased production time. This was a noisy interrupted cut on the gear head metal lathe because of the brake disc cooling fins. In a gropu build, a group of blacksmiths build enough tire hammers for each participant to own one. Otherwise you should be able to build the hammer from the plans. This hammer assembly would have been really nice to have been cast in one piece. We would then have the most head travel per revolution of the crankshaft and thus the maximum hammer head speed and impact power possible with constraints of this particular Dupont linkage. Participating in a workshop the hammer costs about $1,000.00 US. your own Pins on Pinterest Jun 19, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Julio Hearst. It has since been copied many times all over the word. The lower toggle linkage arms can fold almost parallel to the upper linkage arms. I know a number of people who have participated in Clay's workshops. Apr 8, 2019 - Explore Mike haltom's board "power hammer plans" on Pinterest. This ability to easily tune the power hammer is a very handy design feature to incorporate into the Power Hammer design. I have seen these hammers used and think for the money it is a very good mechanical hammer, similar to a Little Giant. If a power hammer with a Dupont linkage is not producing a long enough hammer travel then lengthening the lower toggle linkage arms will give more travel and at the same time reduce the spring pressure and thus allow more hammer travel. The Dupont design is very interesting. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. They are still used in North Carolina by Butch Silver and Stuart Willis. Tire Power Hammer Plans Youtube Broadcast View Woodworking Projects 05 Nov 2020 ( Step-By-Step Blueprints) | Tire Power Hammer Plans Youtube Broadcast Get Free & Instant Access!! This totals 35 pounds for this Disk Hammer. When choosing what soap to use to clean your UTV, you may be tempted to reach for regular dish soap, but this might be a mistake. The crank shaft arm is fabricated from aluminum and drilled and tapped to allow for adjustment of the counterbalance weights. It is a force multiplier with the ability to perform drawing, reducing, forming, cutting, and welding operations in the fraction of the time that a man can. The PDF plans we have here are available for purchase starting at $8. I was able to inspect those first two tire hammers built from Ray Clontz's design. In the sides of the vertical post, 3/8-24 UNF holes were drilled and tapped in appropriate locations for mounting the anvil brace, hammer track, clutch linkage, motor mount, accessory rack and foot control. This Mechanical Power Hammer linkage is designed such that at the maximum head travel limit, everything crashes at the same time. For the initial setup a 1.75" motor pulley was used, full speed produces about 3 hammer impacts per second. He can help you with absolutely ANYTHING. Find Blacksmith Power Hammer faster !| https://www.used.forsale See more ideas about power hammer, power hammer plans, blacksmith power hammer. If the anvil does not have a large enough mass the power hammer will likely move around the Smithy and/or damage the floor. That is, the hammer will hit the spring at the same time the hammer lower toggle linkage arms bind together with the hammer and upper linkage arms. He can help you with absolutely ANYTHING. Saved from bladesmithsforum.com Tire hammer plans? These tire mounting tools, tire de-mount tools, and tire-mount and de-mount tools are commonly used in repair shops and garages. Discover (and save!) The 1.5"x1.5"x3" die and 1" thick mounting plate are attached with four 3/8" bolts. Tire Power Hammer Plans Zone Instructional Wood Videos 03 Oct 2020 ( Step-By-Step Ideas) | Tire Power Hammer Plans Zone Download Guides! All have gotten well running hammers. power hammer that uses the rear axle and hub from a front drive car and emergency spare tire and weighs about 700 lbs. My anvil is a 9 5/8" diameter and 32" tall solid steel round and weighs about 660 pounds. The 3/4"x8"x"8 bottom plate was drilled for mounting the post assembly to the Power Hammer bottom plate. The 3/4" thick steel plates were welded to the top and bottom of the vertical post. Clay has lots of jigs that make the job easier but it can be done without his jigs. “This Tire Hammer uses an emergency spare tire and rim mounted on a trailer axle and hub,” says Clay Spencer, who sells plans … I have seen these hammers used and think for the money it is a very good mechanical hammer, similar to a Little Giant. Tire Power Hammer Plans Xbox 360 Expert Advice On Woodworking 22 Nov 2020 ( 24/7 Access) | Tire Power Hammer Plans Xbox 360 Step-By-Step Blueprints!! Does anyone know what "Mod" these plans are for? The counterbalance weight is difficult to calculate and easier to balance statically. I know a number of people who have participated in Clay's workshops. The hammer, spacer and hammer slide plate were keyed and bolted together. Clontz utilized two automotive brake rotors, an automotive clutch plate and automotive clutch throw out bearing as a speed control device and clutch. It will cause the hammer to travel a greater distance than the stroke of the crankshaft. It will be bolted to a 120 pound 1" thick steel base plate which will effectively add some more to the anvil mass. - Specifically the Ray Clontz / Clay Spencer Hammer - Tirehammer ** This is NOT a place to circumvent purchasing the plans, if … For about $1,000 and 100 hrs. of gathering materials and construction time, you can make your own power hammer with a unique drive mechanism. Hammer head moving assembly weight of 35 pounds. This ability to easily tune the power hammer is a very handy design feature to incorporate into the Power Hammer design. Like the Little Giant, both ends of the Disk Hammer lower toggle linkage arm connectors are offset to allow maximum vertical travel of the hammer head before mechanically binding with the hammer and main linkage arms. The hammer track or guide assembly is bolted to the frame. JavaScript is disabled. !how to Tire Power Hammer Plans Zone for Reclaimed Lumber Farmhouse Bench by nhemlok As in traditional hand hammer blacksmith work, the power hammer anvil is very important. It is powered by a 1 hp, 1750 rpm electric motor, 120 or 240 volts, runs about 250 blows per minute and uses a spring toggle mechanism similar to Little Giant hammers. I have heard good things about these hammers. Blacksmith and Industrial Forging Hammers, tools and techniques. The basic design of my Disk Power Hammer will favor the Little Giant Power hammer. Do … The base is a 1" thick by 16" wide by 30 inches long piece of hot rolled steel plate. Here's a rebuilt 25 lb. Spring Assisted Helve Hammer Plans. A 1.5 horsepower 1140 RPM three phase Baldor motor was found to power the Disk Hammer. Around 2000 Ray Clontz built for himself a mechanical power hammer designed similar to a Little Giant mechanical power hammer. Since the Dupont linkage of the power hammer is generating a lot of speed with the heavy hammer, a massive anvil is needed to absorb the excess energy that is not consumed by deforming the hot metal. The NC-JYH Tire Hammer. tire power hammer plans rusty wallis Projects That Sell Well You’ll make the kids workbench in two sub assemblies and then connect them and add the table top and shelf for the full workbench. Air Power Hammer “Build Your Own” Plans This set of 18″ x 24″ blueprints contains plans for three different “Build Your Own” Air Power Hammer styles. DIY Power hammer information for blacksmiths. A rubber horse stall mat will be placed under the Disk Power Hammer base plate to help protect the concrete floor. If one wants more energy from a power hammer, it seems logical to try and increase the head speed per revolution and the number of revolutions per second as much as possible. These plans are for a 50 lb. Sep 1, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Masahiro Tanaka. The first models were built from Ray's notes or photos or visual inspections of a completed machine and all were a little different depending on what materials were at hand. Welcome! Leverage in the foot petal system reduces this to 20 pounds for full clutch engagement. Alabama Forge Counsel will have one for sale at the Conference in Tannehill the first weekend after Labor Day. The energy delivered by the hammer-blow is equivalent to one half the mass of the head times the square of the head's speed at the time of impact (E={MV^2/2}). It weighs 100 pounds without the top and bottom plates, thus adding considerably to the mass of the machine. I wanted plenty of mass in the anvil since my Power Hammer will be on a concrete floor which I do not want to damage. It was a drop [waste piece] and is probably some alloy designed for shafting like 1045 or 4140. This design may not be the easiest to fabricate, but it is the design I wanted to build. 304-745-3886. Cut the back legs and pegboard stretchers from 2×2’s and the back stretcher from a 1×4. Tire Power Hammer Free Plans View Woodworking Projects 15 Nov 2020 ( Step-By-Step Blueprints) | Tire Power Hammer Free Plans Download Guides!! . For full instructions and details, PLEASE call my father who has copyrights to the Rusty and Dusty power hammer plans. Tire Power Hammer Plans Rusty Pelican Start To Build Your Own Furniture 17 Nov 2020 ( 24/7 Access) | Tire Power Hammer Plans Rusty Pelican Complete Instructions From Start To Finish. Power Hammer Plans Blacksmith Power Hammer Forging Hammer Hammer Tool Blacksmith Tools Welding Shop Welding Table Little Giants Furniture LITTLE GIANT BLACKSMITH POWER HAMMER DEMO. You are using an out of date browser. So due to the time constraint, Clay's design favors simplicity of fabrication. I try to get them in next day’s mail after receiving payment. The hammer runs about 250 to 300 rpm (depending on tire diameter) and uses flat dies made from heat treated 4140 tool steel. Crankshaft stroke of 4.5 inches [adjustable]. A Chevrolet small block V8 clutch throw-out bearing presses the two disk rotors together to engage the clutch mechanism and control the speed of the crankshaft. power hammer that uses the rear axle and hub from a front drive car and emergency spare tire and weighs about 700 lbs. The "U" shaped UHMW-PE is almost as slick as Teflon and is available from McMaster-Carr. A special fixture was built to support the magnetic base drill. All parts of the hammer assembly are bolted together to simplify adjusting the total hammer weight if desired. Our area monthly meeting is held in one of the member's very well equipped fabrication shop/smithy. The rear one rotates and slides with a bronze bushing on the shaft. P. D. Dupont registered a patent for a Power Hammer Spring on June 10, 1890. Clay has supervised the fabrication of a lot of tire hammers. Attending a workshop is the way to go,,, or buy one. Ive also read several forums that suggested mods to various parts of the hammer. Where practical all parts were cleaned and painted. The hammer movement is constrained by the "U" shaped 1"x3/4" Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene [UHMW-PE] bearing material. If our spring is sized correctly, the Disk Power Hammer design will almost, but not quite reach this crash condition at full speed operation. The 1.375" drive shaft rotates in "off the shelf" pillar block ball bearings and is driven by a rear mounted clutch assembly. The impact weight of a power hammer includes the weight of all materials attached to the hammer head such as the weight of the top die, slide, slide spacer, bolts and about half of the weight of the lower swing arms. The clutch mechanism requires 120 pounds of force on the throwout bearing for positive clutch engagement. your own Pins on Pinterest I have not seen these plans but did participate in a workshop where we built Inline Treadle Hammers from Clay's plans. The dies are 4140 alloy steel and can be oil hardened and tempered. The impact energy increases linearly with an increase in mass, it increases geometrically with an increase in speed. The initial crank throw is a 2.25" radius. You must log in or register to reply here. I am designing my Disk Power Hammer so that all of the variables controlling the hammer head speed can be varied. We've got several homemade blacksmith power hammer plan designs for sale plus plans for other type of blacksmithing tools. Doubling the head speed will increase the head impact energy four [4] times. So, a 1/2" V-belt grove was cut in the outside of the 10.8" diameter rotating rotor disk so it could be used as the driven pulley. From the information I've found, the power hammer anvil should weigh from 10 to 18 times the hammer weight. The clutch is made up of two automotive brake disk rotors bolted to aluminum hubs. Doubling the head weigh will double the head impact energy. Clay and John Wayne Taylor, both in Alabama sell the hammers for abut $2,500.00. As we lengthen the lower toggle linkage arms and thus the hammer head stroke we are also reducing the spring preset at the same time. There seems to be a pretty broad range of ratios in the blacksmith community. Like the Little Giant, both ends of the Disk Hammer lower toggle linkage arm connectors are offset to allow maximum vertical travel of the hammer head before mechanically binding with the hammer and main linkage arms. Plans are not available on CD or metric. To keep things simple, I did not want to use a jack shaft to reduce the motor output speed. Our power hammer project PDF documents are made for beginner to intermediate blacksmiths who have a minimum of tools. We accomplished this without Clay directing the workshop and we built 15. I want the hammer head energy to be as high as possible within the basic design limitations. Clutch slip control to smoothly deliver from light taps to full force impacts of 3 per second. It is finally complete! I have access to a metal lathe and milling machine, and I enjoy both designing and fabricating. Included in this publication are some notes and photo's of my Disk Hammer fabrication. Clay's version is designed to be built in a weekend and utilize different tooling for various effects. Also what size dies do these use, and how are they attached? A 7.5"x7.5" square of low coefficient of friction material 3/8" thick freely rotates between the two disk rotors. Most bushings have grease fittings. This is a little more power than necessary but delivers the lower RPM needed. This is providing a total of 40 square inches of friction contact. With lesser pressure the clutch smoothly reduces the number of hammer to light impacts. These plans are for a 50 lb. Clay Spencer, a former NASA engineer, has supervised several group builds of Clay's version of the Ray Clontz tire hammer design. All have gotten well running hammers. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Little Giant New … This Dupont linkage is designed such that adjustment of the length of the lower toggle linkage arms will adjust the total travel of the hammer and at the same time adjust the spring pre-load tension. The front one is keyed to the crank shaft. Maximum linkage hammer head travel 9.5 inches [neutral to max without crankshaft stroke]. Clay Spencer Tire Hammer users Group - Blacksmith has 982 members. The drive line is similar to the Little Giant power hammer. It didn't take a lot longer to make the work look professionally built. When they are finished, numbers are drawn to determine which hammer belongs to each blacksmith. This is a big chunk of steel and was the first acquired item for my Disk Power Hammer. A year or so later, two of Ray's blacksmith friends also wanted to build power hammers, so Ray designed the "Tire Hammer" power hammer. At rest Hammer to anvil height 1.5 inches. As in most equipment designed for production, all rotating parts except the spring pivots have bronze bushings or ball bearings. This should be a familiar concept to a blacksmith. - Tools and Tool Making - Bladesmith's Forum Board Explore DIY And Crafts DIY Projects Blacksmith Projects. In this video i hope to answer alot of questions that i had when i embarked on this journey. My tire hammer plans from Clay Spencer | VARDELL BLACKSMITHING Electric Power Hammer pin I Want To Build a Clay Spencer Tire I Need HELP pin DIY Treadle Hammer: PDF PLANS for Treadle Hammer - … Similar to Ray Clontz's personal power hammer, I use two automotive disk brake rotors with clutch friction material between them for clutch and speed control. Foot petal pressure is transferred by linkage to the throwout bearing by a bell crank mechanism. The 3/4"x8"x10.2" top plate was drilled and tapped 3/8-24 UNF for mounting the crankshaft pillar block bearings. I met Ray Clontz in summer 2011 at a Southern Foothills Blacksmiths group meeting of the North Carolina Chapter of the Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America [NC-ABANA]. Later, I may install a larger drive pulley on the motor to achieve a faster rate of impacts. It was drilled and tapped 1/2"-13 UNC for fastening the anvil and the post. The highest energy will be obtained with the largest head weight that can be utilized while still maintaining the maximum hammer head stroke at the desired impacts per second. Discover (and save!) Ray's hammer works quite well and I like the basic design. This calculates to a 350 to 630 pound anvil for a 35 pound hammer. There will be one raffled at the ABANA Conference in Memphis in early June.